With the release of the Comiket 88 Catalog, it has been revealed that DMM and Kadokawa’s highly successful PC browser game franchise based on anthropomorphic World War II warships, Kantai  Collection, will once again be having the most number of doujinshis for this summer’s bi-annual otaku extravaganza.

With 1,846 circles doing KanColle doujins, this marks the second Comiket in a row that the Touhou Project won’t be at the top of the event’s most doujin-dedicated franchise. While Kantai Collection got 1,846 circles, the Touhou Project only got 1,496 circles doing doujins dedicated to the video game series.


Previously, Touhou was considered at the top of the Comiket food chain as its popularity among doujin circles remained untouched for a very long time, however, last Comiket 87, a new player finally dethroned Zun’s popular doujin game series, and of course, that series is Kantai Collection.

Comiket 88, or Summer Comic Market 2015, will be held at its iconic home at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Tokyo from August 14 – 16. Big name illustrators and big companies dedicated to anime and anime merchandise such as Cospa, Aniplex, and Animate are also expected o set up shop during Comiket 88.


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Source: Yaraon!, image via Himeuta


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