We’ve said it time and time again that Love Live! fans, who are also called Love Livers, may be one of the most dedicated fans on Earth, and these dedicated fans, who often show up in parts of Tokyo (most especially Akihabara) flaunting their Love Live! gear, have certainly gotten the attention of many in Japan.

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And now, it looks like one certain men’s magazine in Japan has taken notice of these Love Live! fans as they have featured one of them inside the pages of their latest issue, and it has certainly stirred up the local Love Liver community


His name is Nuppe Sauifumono, and he is regarded by many as an Ikemen, or a handsome young man. He seems to be a Kotori fan as most of his gear features the lovable photobombing school idol. Nuppe Sauifumono seems to be a bit different from other people identified in Japan as otaku as he seems have a different and more fashionable vibe as compared to the usual otaku chic

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And it seems that he is also a fan of the coffee shop moe anime series, Is the Order a Rabbit?

Now that’s an anime fan, not afraid to show off his tastes, despite the fact that otaku are mostly looked down upon in Japanese society

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source: Hachimakikou


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