Just like Dragon Ball’s Frieza, Sword Art Online‘s Asuna has gone through a lot of different forms ranging from her Knights of Blood form to her Fairy Queen Titania form, to her new Undine form, and even her “first day form” as well as her “School Girl” look in real life (which was not stated in the tweet below). But as SAO author and creator Reki Kawahara states, she will soon be having a “Final Form”

Yes folks, a final form, and maybe this one could make Frieza proud! Kawahara, who is still busy writing Sword Art Online Volume 16: Alicization Exploding, is teasing that the volume that he is currently writing might just feature that final form. So what exactly will this final form look like? Based on some recent tweets, I am guessing only him and SAO illustrator, ABEC, know for now.


And speaking of ABEC, it seems that the illustrator has made fun of Kawahara for failing to mention “first day Asuna” in his tweet. Well, Kawahara did say sorry

 So what do you guys think this “Asuna Final Form” will look like?

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Source: Crunchyroll


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