Looks like Hachiman’s troubles are far from over as 5pb. will be producing a second video game based on Wataru Watari’s highly popular romantic comedy light novel series, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, and they have now opened an official website for the upcoming game.


The game will adapting the second anime season of the series, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Too. The game’s platform, release date, price, and type of game this will be, whether it will be an RPG, a visual novel, etc., are yet to be determined, which means that more details about the game will be made in days to come.

This will be the second game for the series as 5pb. has previously released a visual novel game for the PlayStation Vita back in 2013. It came bundled with the anime adaptation’s OVA and even contained a Saika route!


Hmmmm… If this turns out to be another visual novel, should we be expecting an Iroha Isshiki route? How about a Kaori Orimoto route? Or maybe we could expect a Haruno Yukinoshita route?!

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Source: Yaraon!


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