The anime adaptation of Yuuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki (Tosh)’s bestselling cooking battle manga, Food Wars: Shokugeko no Souma, is currently one of the hottest shows this current spring 2015 anime season, and Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine, which serializes the manga, has recently conducted an official poll and has asked fans which character from the series is the one they think is the very best


The series may have lots of characters to choose from, however, fans were only allowed to choose from 24 characters. A total of 35,568 votes were cast for this official poll, and the results will be officially announced inside the pages of the next issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine. However, Anime News Network (ANN) has revealed the results before the issue’s release this Monday, and the Top 10 ain’t very surprising

Souma Top 10

  1. Souma Yukihira (6,451 votes)
  2. Erina Nakiri (5,046 votes)
  3. Takumi Aldini (4,918 votes)
  4. Megumi Tadokoro (2,817 votes)
  5. Hisako Arato (1,901 votes)
  6. Alice Nakiri (1,900 votes)
  7. Kojirou Shinomiya (1,882 votes)
  8. Akira Hayama (1,720 votes)
  9. Ikumi Mito (1,462 votes)
  10. Satoshi Isshiki (1,422 votes)

Souma is #1?! Well, the crafty teenage cook has showed some innovation in cooking, and let me tell you, some of the techniques he has shown thus far are quite advanced already! Erina on the other hand has proven to be very popular with the guys while #3-ranked half-Italian Takumi Aldini has proven to be popular with the ladies. Souma’s good friend and partner Megumi, and Erina’s “assistant”. Hisako, round out the Top 5.

The poll was conducted from April 3 to May 6, 2015. Some of the characters included in the Top 10 have yet to be introduced in the anime.

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