The Assassination Classroom anime adaptation may have already ended, but its 3DS video game is still going strong, and it adds several very special God Eater DLC costumes this July 16, 2015, and they are all going to be free!


This new DLC will include two new “Mission Time” missions, both of which contain the collaboration between Assassination Classroom and God Eater. One mission has the students attempt to kill Koro-sensei, who is wearing an Ogretail Aragami headgear, for a certain amount of time. The other mission meanwhile will have the players play as Koro-sensei himself, and still wears that Ogretail Aragami headgear


Those who clear both of these missions will be rewarded with special collaboration costumes, which include the Ogretail Aragami headgear for Koro-Sensei, Alisa’s hair and costume for the female students, and Lindow’s hair and costume for female students. I wonder if Nagisa can wear both since he is considered a trap after all…

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The new Assassination Classroom game was released in Japan for Nintendo’s 3DS last March and it allows players to create their own avatar to be a Class E student and interact with the students, teachers, and other characters from the manga

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source: 4gamer


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