The latest episode of AWE’s weapon-forging youtube series is featuring one gigantic sword, and that sword is called the Yoru, the weapon of choice of One Piece‘s Dracule ‘Hawk Eyes’ Mihawk, and the Stagmer brothers have brought it to real life in their latest Man-At-Arms: Reforged video

If you are familiar with One Piece, you would know that the Yoru is massive, and it is clear in the video that the Stagmer brothers and their crew are having a bit of difficulty just with the size alone. And because the sword is huge, it took eight hours just to grind the Yoru. But in the end, it was all worth it as they have successfully forged the “most powerful sword in the world”. Though they really struggled trying to swing such a heavy sword…

safe_image (1)

Previously, the Stagmer brothers have forged InuYasha’s Tessaiga and Ryuuko Matoi’s half-scissor blade from Kill la Kill… out of real scissors

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