Key Visual Arts’ latest anime, Charlotte, promises a great story and of course, even more tears, and its official website has posted a new teaser video which previews the upcoming summer anime’s very first episode titled “Tanin o Omou“.

The website also posted two new key visual images for the anime


Charlotte is Japanese composer and anime icon, Jun Maeda’s second original anime after Angel Beats!, and like the many other Key anime before it like Kanon and Clannad, it promises to bring out the tears in a few viewers.

P.A. Works is producing the anime with Yoshiyuki Asai (Nagi no Asukara and Fairy Tail episode director) at the helm of the project as series director. The anime is part of Key’s 15th anniversary celebrations

The story will follow Yuu Otosaka, a young student with special powers, who meets Nao Tomori, and because of their meeting, the fates of young people who have special powers like Yuu are about to change

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