Finished 90’s mangas are making a comeback in a new trend in anime which gained steam with the anime adaptation of the classic horror manga, Parasyte. Now, a new 90’s manga is getting itself an anime adaptation, and it is the fantasy action manga, Ushio and Tora by Kazuhiro Fujita. A new PV for that anime adaptation has also been streamed

The video shows both the OP song, “Mazeruna Kiken” and the ED song, “HERO”, which are both performed by the J-Rock band, Sonar Pocket.


The anime will make its TV premiere in Japan this July 3, 2015. A 10-episode OVA based on the manga meanwhile was shown between 1992 and 1993, so this ain’t the first time the manga is being adapted into an anime. Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga was serialized between 1990 and 1996 and was considered highly successful.

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