The Shounen Jump! crossover game, J-Stars Victory VS, is heading west and Bandai Namco Games Europe has started streaming three new videos for that western localization titled J-Stars Victory VS+.

The first video features a duel between a Student Council President and a teacher as Medaka Box’s Medaka Kurokami takes on Hell Teacher Nube’s Meisuke Nueno or Nube.

The second video meanwhile showcases the three playable characters from Naruto, namely Sasuke, Madara, and of course, Naruto himself. The video features one of anime’s greatest rivalries as Naruto and Sasuke square off

The third new video meanwhile is a mash-up video

J-Stars Victory VS+ is scheduled for release this June for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Unforgettable Jump! characters like Son Goku (Dragon Ball), Naruto, Luffy (One Piece), Ichigo (Bleach), and others will be part of the game. It will contain a new arcade mode and will feature Japanese dub with English subtitles.

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