Prepare your tissues and handkerchiefs people, because the popular and heartwarming anime known as AnoHana, is getting itself a live-action TV drama adaptation, and Fuji TV will be airing it as a TV special some time later in 2015.


The AnoHana TV drama special was announced during this morning’s Mezamashi TV program, which is Fuji TV’s early morning show. The program revealed that 14-year old actress, Minami Hamabe, who previously appeared in the live-action Ace Attorney, will be portraying the ghost girl, Meiko Honma, or more popularly known through her nickname, Menma.


Meanwhile, young actor, Nijirou Murakami, will be playing the leader of the Super Peace Busters, Jinta Yadomi. Murakami is the son of Japanese actor, Jun Murakami and singer Ua. The big Tetsudou Hisakawa will be played by Yuuta Takahita, while Naruko Anjou will be played by Airi Matsui, who previously appeared in the live-action TV drama adaptation of Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches. Finally, Atsumo Matsuyuki will be played by Jun Shison while Marie Iitoyo will be playing the role of the straight-laced glasses girl, Chiriko Tsurumi.

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The TV special is set in the city of Chichibum which is the setting of the original AnoHana anime. And since this TV drama is slated for later this year, we advice that it’s best to stock up on tissues as tears will indeed fall, just like the original 2011 anime and the 2013 movie


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sources: Sankei Sports and 0takomu


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