Sometimes, an anime is all about how it ends, with the final scene affecting us greatly, which either makes us cry or just laugh until our bellies hurt. But which anime ending had the most impact on people? With its latest poll, anime character database, Charapedia, aimed to find out.

With 10,000 votes, 62.9% male and 37.1% female, the fans have decided on the Top 20. Take note that these are for both anime and mangas, so the results are a mix, though some did not specify whether it is the anime or the manga adaptation for some, as there are titles in the list which have different endings for the anime and manga. Here are the top 20:

20) Gintama

19) Guilty Crown

18) Shaman King

17) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

16) Space Runaway Ideon

15) Aku no Hana: Flowers of Evil

14) Mahou Sensou: Magical Warfare

13) Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%

12) Naruto

11) Neon Genesis Evangelion

10) Angel Beats!


9) Kuroko’s Basketball


8) Tokyo Ghoul


7) Love Live!


6) Death Note


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