After garnering 588 applications just for getting the chance to buy the special 7-Eleven Evangelion Sports Car worth more than 16 million yen last year, Akio Mitsuoka, the president of Mitsuoka Motors which developed the Orochi Sports Car used as the base of the Eva sports car, has announced that their Mitsuoka Gallery Azabu in Tokyo will be displaying the car “so that everyone can enjoy it”


Several Evangelion figures and illustrations will also go on display along with the sports car, which will be displayed starting July 27, 2015. The car is worth 16 million yen and was put up for sale by 7-Eleven last November as part of their collaboration with EVA Racing.


The car was sold last May 2015 but the interest in the car was so high that they made an agreement to display it with the owner’s approval, but only for one week.


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Source:Response via ANN


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