Japanese tech company Cerevo has announced their latest product, and it is surely something Psycho-Pass fans would be pleased to have as it is a replica of the series’ signature weapon, the Dominator.


Unlike Bandai’s own Dominator replica prop, this model can expand into its lethal eliminator mode, instead of the normal Paralyzer mode. and like Bandai’s replica, this one can also talk and is voiced by Noriko Hidaka, best known for voicing Akane Tendou from Ranma 1/2. Hidaka also voiced the Dominator’s AI system and its Proplica version will be saying some lines with her voice.

dmt01_500 dmt02_500

It also comes fully equipped with a camera and touched sensor, so only an authorized user can use it, just like the anime. It can also be connected to smartphones via wireless LAN where users can download files taken from the Dominator.

spimage01_500 spimage02_500

No price or release date for this new product has been determined thus far, however, it has been confirmed that it will be released sometime later this year. Like all replica props, this Dominator is an excellent cosplay prop as well as a great addition to any collection.


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Source: Cerevo official


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