Neon Genesis Evangelion director and legendary anime industry figure, Hideaki Anno, is known for speaking his mind, and recently, he shocked many fans all over the world by saying that the Japanese anime industry is now in decline and will “die” in five years. However, the legendary director backtracked a bit and said that his comments were misunderstood.


During a screening of the Japan Animator Expo in Shinjuku Wald 9, Anno went ahead and clarified his previous statements during a question and answer portion with the media. He said that he did not really mean that then industry will “collapse” or “die” in five years, but he meant that it will become more and more difficult. He mentioned that the harsh conditions animators are experiencing today are making it more difficult for many young animators. And he is certainly on point with the difficulty many young animators are facing today as entry-level animators are payed very little yet are working long hours with monstrous deadlines.

Anno then went on and talked about money and said that making anime is cheap, however, collecting money from these anime is certainly hard to come by. He then added that people should support the anime industry more by seeing movies when they can. Animator Akira Amemiya, who was also in attendance, then added that the anime industry needs more people who love anime to work for anime.

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 source: Cinema Today



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