It’s almost that time of year when multiple wallets are bound to scream in agony as collectors from all over the world are bracing themselves for the bi-annual figure extravaganza known as Wonder Festival, or WonFes, and this summer’s edition promises plenty of new stuff which will certainly bleed many wallets dry.


Before big name figure companies like Good Smile Company, Alter, Kotobukiya, Orchid Seed, Megahouse, and many many more gather at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan this Sunday, July 26, 2015, a few companies are whetting the appetites of many fans by teasing them about the figure prototypes they will be revealing in this Sunday’s big event.

Let’s start things off with Good Smile Company shall we? Now who or what could this be?


This second image is definitely from a new Kantai Collection Nendoroid. Can somebody say “armored aircraft carrier?”


The clue for this one is “Love L***!”


This new Nendoroid seems like he’s overpowerlingly bald


While this Nendoroid is ready to serve up some coffee!


Anyone love classic video game characters? Here’s a clue, this guy is one of Capcom’s most iconic characters ever.


Bluish hair which seems like it’s part of a twin-tail hairstyle and a guitar… I wonder who this musician is?


And finally, even more Touken Ranbu Nendoroids.


Good Smile Company’s partner, Max Factory meanwhile has also teased their goodies, including a new Miku (AGAIN), a new Hestia figure, a new Kantai Collection figure (Pan-paka-paaaaaaan!), and a new Arpeggio of Blue Steel bear figure. They also are going to reveal a new Ghost in the Shell figure as well as a few others during the event.

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Meanwhile, over at Kotobukiya, they are teasing a few things from Zoids, Rage of Bahamut, Aquarion Logos, Kantai Collection, and some more Bishoujo figures. Two are from Rage of Bahamut, one is a vampire from the Monogatari series, one is considered by many as Aquarion Logos’s “Best Girl”, one might be able to break the 4th wall and talk to you, one is from Mass Effect, one is a claw from a legendary zoid, and one is a fleet girl from Kantai Collection who is an absolute “lady”

10983217_704768416301891_2103515257197723505_n 11204413_704768419635224_7497743663084282791_n 11248957_704768402968559_1928531553301723662_n 11752569_704768812968518_8339660936355657354_n

45ea51c2c867ba9b529cb8e904becded-230x230 98ad88a36fb2ec789e2dc16c99b2c04f-230x230 575d40108619c6276ca64df45fcdf326-230x230 cp_akatsuki_choi-230x230

WonFes ain’t even here yet and my wallet is already bleeding. Oh the horror! So who’s excited for this Sunday? I surely am!

Summer WonFes 2015 will be held at Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba on July 26, 2015. The event is known to be one of the most important figure events in Japan where many new figures are announced. You can also check out Good Smile Company’s event offerings through this link

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Sources: Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, figma blogand top image via Dengeki Hobby


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