The annual fighting game tournament known as EVO is one of the biggest gaming events on Earth, and it seems that one of Hollywood’s most famous is quite a fighting game fan herself. Enter Jamie Lee Curtis.


Best known for her leading roles in cult classics like Halloween, The Fog, Tue Lies, and of course, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Curtis posed for a group cosplay pic with her family and showing some love for the fighting game genre. Sge cosplayed Street Fighter’s Vega while her sister, Kelly, cosplayed fellow Street Fighter, Makoto, and her son cosplayed Deejay. Her husband, Christopher Guest, however, was the thorn among the roses as he cosplayed a Tekken character in Dr. Geppetto Bosconovitch.

The actress then tweeted an image which best describes her EVO 2015 experience

Looks like the actress has gained the respect of fighting game fans everywhere and showed everyone how cool of a mom she actually is.

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Source: Kotaku


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