Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves… Guts is back!

After a long hiatus, manga artist Kentarou Miura finally resumes his bestselling and critically acclaimed fantasy action manga series known for its copious amount of violence, Berserk. The announcement will be made in the 14th issue of Young Animal Magazine, which will be released tomorrow, July 10, 2015.


The scan from the upcoming magazine issue announced that Berserk will resume in the next issue of Young Animal as a monthly series. This 10-month long hiatus, which began after the release of Berserk’s latest volume last September 2014, won’t be the first time the series has been in hiatus as the series itself has been rocked with quite a few of them. In fact, many fans have considered Berserk to be just as bad as a certain hiatus-riddled series known as Hunter X Hunter.


Miura took a break from making Berserk in early 2014 to make the mini-series, Gigantomakhia. Berserk returned later in April, however, the manga went on hiatus again in June before returning in August. This new hiatus which started last September is only the latest in that series of hiatuses, however, many fans of the manga are hoping this would be the last one in a long time

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source: ANN


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