Yet another life-size Gundam is going to be displayed in Tokyo, however, unlike the one in Odaiba, this new life-size Gundam which is shown in all its glory, this new one will only have the RX-78-2’s head displayed, and the official website to the Gundam franchise has started teasing an image of it.


Seems like this one has already experienced the rigors of the One Year War huh? It looks a bit rusty and battle damaged unlike the clean-cut and shiny one back in Odaiba. It is actually a representation of the RX-78-2’s head which was blown off during its final battle with Char’s Zeong, which of course led to the famous “Final Shot”.


The new Gundam head will be part of THE ART OF GUNDAM exhibition which will take place inside the More Arts Center in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. The exhibition will be held from July 18 – 27, 2015 and will feature four new exhibits, including the Gundam head display

Meanwhile, the next Gundam project, tentatively dubbed G Tekketsu or Next G is looking more promising each day as the official website is slowly but surely revealing the new Gundam. The image becomes clearer as each day passes, and right now, here is what it looks like:


The teaser site’s countdown clock is scheduled to count down to zero on July 14, 2015.

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