For 15 years, Naruto has been one of Japan’s (and the world’s) most loved mangas, and during the live stage event for the preview screening of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto, has said that after 15 years of writing Naruto, he wants to rest.


Kishimoto, who appeared with the cast of the movie, as well as “Boruto” himself, were greeting the crowd and talking about the movie. The legendary mangaka talked about how little rest he had in those 15 years of writing Naruto, and thought he could get some rest once he finished the series, however, he revealed that hen was wrong.


However, during that period, Kishimoto has revealed that he has finally gone on honeymoon with his wife, more than 10 years after they had gotten married, which means that he was really busy indeed.

Yuko Sanpei, Boruto’s voice actress, then asked Kishimoto about his plans for a sequel and that she wants the films to continue, however, Kishimoto answered her by saying that he can’t, and said “Please let me rest now”. He then said that the Boruto movie is “perfect”, for himself at least and it really does seem like the creator is satisfied with having Boruto as the final story in the Naruto franchise. Well, at least for now.


During the preview screening event, the J-rock band, Kana-BOOM performed the song, Driver, which serves as Boruto: Naruto the Movie’s official theme song.


Boruto: Naruto the movie will premiere across theaters in Japan this August 7, 2015

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