Last year, we called it, we said that along the way, we might get [email protected] costumes in Tekken, and now, we are really getting them. We all know that Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada, is one of the biggest [email protected] fanboys out there, and he even publicly celebrates the birthday of his waifu, Iori Minase every year, and now, it seems that we have another [email protected] x Tekken crossover at our hands with new character costumes for several Tekken characters.

If you look at the far right corner, you can see a silhouette of one of the crossovers most lovable idols, PAUL PHOENIX! Yes! That’s Paul! However, in the end, he does not get his idol costume for use in the game… awwwwwwwwwww. Bad news indeed.

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And it ain’t surprising that Lili gets the honor of getting the Iori costume as Harada has done a lot of comparisons between the two. Meanwhile, Lucky Chloe gets the Miki costume, Xiaoyu gets the Yayoi costume, Alisa gets the Yukiho costume (does the chainsaw get replaced with a shovel?), Josie Rizal gets the Hibiki costume, and many more.

Tekken’s Harada previously photobombed the [email protected]: Million Live card of his waifu, Iori, who was presented wearing Lili’s costime. Many thought that would be the extent of the [email protected] and Tekken collaboration, however, with the new [email protected] costumes, it seems that the fanboy in Harada is dead serious.

So, what do you guys think of the new [email protected] costumes?

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