IS: Infinite Stratos is getting itself a new video game for the PS Vita and PS3 called IS: Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge, and 5pb. Games has released a new character PV, and this time, it focuses on the Chinese childhood friend, Lingyin Huang, also known as Rin.

The video previews a few scenes and events involving Rin, including when she “turns into a mermaid” as well as a massage scene which is one of the game’s special features

is2_05_cs1w1_720x is2_06_cs1w1_720x

Last time, they took a look at the British sniper and Rin’s partner-in-crime, Cecilia Alcott

The story takes place right after the World Purge OVA and will center around Ichika Orimura and his relationships with his fellow IS pilotsm Houki, Charlotte, Rin, Cecilia, Laura, and the Sarashiki sisters, Tatenashi and Kanzashi. Houki’s sister, the inventor of the IS, Tabane Shinonono is revealed to also be part of the game.

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