It’s that time of year once again when things get crazy in the cosplay world, that’s right, it’s Comiket season once again, and Comiket 88 has kicked off day one with plenty of awesome cosplays, sexy cosplays, and ones which are down right weird. Let’s start things off with what is described as the event’s “BIGGEST Love Live! cosplay”.


An “oil tycoon” has also been seen going around Tokyo Big Sight with his security and a lot of cash. What’s he doing there? Buying doujins of course!


While there are cosplayers who like to get low-angle shots of them, it is generally considered rude to take one, especially without permission as one guy was caught doing it on camera. xup4kzecfwbss

Comiket IS Usually known for its Hilariously weird cosplays, and twitter user,  Losoba , HAS certainly met Four of Them!


The corporate booths’ own official cosplayers also strutted their stuff during Comiket 88’s first day  

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