There are anime worlds where we would like to live in, like the world of Pokemon for instance, however, there are a few worlds that fans really do not want to live in, and Japanese media website, MyNavi Student has sought to find out what these worlds are.

The website asked 285 people and listed six anime series that some fans don’t really want to live in. Here they are:

Dragon Ball


With beings powerful enough to destroy a planet constantly being a threat, and add to that all the weird monsters living in the same planet as you, who would blame the people who chose the Dragon Ball world as the anime world they would not want to live in, right? Some fans also cited that there’s too much collateral damage and have commented that Earth is always threatened.

Attack on Titan


Do we even need to explain why? You live in a cramped space, and outside the wall, titans will eat you!

Fist of the North Star


Fans have cited that the anime’s post-apocalyptic setting provides little security for the people, not to mention all the bad guys out there who will harm innocent civilians…

Death Note


Fans definitely don’t want to get killed immediately because of the Death Note, while other fans have stated that the anime/ manga’s main protagonist lacks compassion too much.

Kaiji and Ushijima the Loan Shark



Fans have listed these two not because the reasons are they don’t want to get killed, but mainly because of a more realistic reason: MONEY. They just don’t want to owe a debt to shady loan sharks like Ushijima or lose big money like in Kaiji.

So there you have it folks, now which world would you not want to live in? For me personally, I think fans have forgotten one ultra violent world where death happens every time: BERSERK.

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Source: Niconico News


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