When a zombie apocalypse strikes, canned food is ALWAYS a must because they last longer than other types of food. Now, the HEALING anime, School Live! is teaming up with Japanese canned food manufacturer and restaurant, Mr. Kanso, for a special collaboration which may “heal” you and save you from hunger when the zombie apocalypse finally arrives.

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The restaurant will be serving School Live!-inspired canned goodies which Yuuki’s Dashitamago, worth 600 yen, Kurumi’s Corned Beef, worth 850 yen, Rii’s Miso Mackerel, worth 850 yen, Mii’s hot and sour soup worth 600 yen, the “Painfully Spicy Curry” worth 600 yen, and Yuuki’s favorite, the School Living Club Gourmet Boiled Beef, which is worth 1,000 yen.


Those who avail of their special canned foods will not only have a fighting chance to survive a zombie apocalypse, but they will also be getting one of three School Live! postcards featuring the anime’s main characters.


The promo is only available until September 30, 2015 and can be purchased via various Mr. Kanso restaurants across Japan.

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Source: Amiami Blog


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