Last month, Shirobako’s show within a show, “The Third Girls Aerial Squad”, which is the anime Musani was producing for the second half of Shirobako, was shown as an OVA. After watching the OVA, it was obvious that the fans wanted more Aerial Girls, and guess what, they are getting them!


During Comiket 88, Girls und Panzer mangaka, Takeshi Nogami, distributed a few “fake” magazines from the Shirobako anime called the “Monthly Shounen TOPS: August Issue”, which announces the “anime adaptation” of The Third Girls Aerial Squad. The magazine also contains two chapters to “celebrate” the “anime adaptation”.

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These “fake” magazines featuring the mangas are now available in several establishments in Akihabara, such as Tora no Ana and COMIC ZIN.

The Aerial Girls OVA was released along with the 7th volume of the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD releases. The anime Musani was making during the first part, Exodus!, was featured in Shirobako’s first OVA, which was bundled with the anime’s Vol. 3 DVD and Blu-ray release.

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source: Akiba Blog (NSFW)


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