In what has been described as one of the ugliest gaming and manga legal cases in Japan, the High Score Girl manga row between Square Enix and SNK is finally over as both gaming giants agree to pursue collaborative opportunities together.


The provisions of their settlement includes the following provisions:

  1. SNK Playmore will drop their criminal complaint against Square Enix
  2. Both companies will withdraw their civil actions against one another
  3. Square Enix can continue to proceed with the publication of the High Score Girl manga

So this means that we can finally get to continue reading Rensuke Oshikiri’s critically acclaimed and bestselling gaming manga set in the early 90’s when Japan is experiencing its arcade revolution.


SNK filed the complaint after discovering that the manga used several of its copyrights from various games such as The King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown without permission. This lead police to raid the Square Enix headquarters in Osaka.

Copies of the manga were recalled by Square Enix last week. Square Enix formally announced that the manga will go on temporary hiatus. An anime adaptation for the manga has also been green-lit and the publishers have said there were “no changes” in the plans to animate the series despite the fact that it is currently facing some legal troubles against SNK and the fact that the manga is being voluntarily recalled. The legal row between the two companies got even uglier when Square Enix filed their own counter lawsuit.

So, will this mean that the anime adaptation, which was green-lit back in 2013, would finally be back on track? Hopefully.

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