It’s a traaaaaaaaaaaap! But apparently, people lik that kind of stuff, and they liked it so much that a certain tennis-playing boy who looks like a girl has actually outsold his real female counterparts, and we are talking about the new dakimakuras (body pillows) from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Zoku.

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Japanese anime merchandise shop, Animaru, is releasing three new dakimakuras from the anime, one for Yukino Yukinoshita, one for Yui Yuigahama, and one for the series’ resident trap, Saika Totsuka. Each one costs the same (9,720 yen each) and went on sale at the same time, and will be released on the same time, however, it seems that one is far more popular than the other two, and it ain’t the girls!


Sorry Gahama and Yukinon, you guys just ain’t as popular as Sai-chan, but remember, he is a boy, and he will always tell you that. But don’t worry Oregairu fans, Yukino’s dakimakura and Yui’s dakimakura are still available.

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