The Summer 2015 anime season is about to end, and as October begins, some series will be replaced by newer series while others will be making their triumphant return to Japanese TV with a new season or a new series. We take a look at seven of the upcoming anime that many of us are already familiar with as they may be the latest addition to a popular anime franchise or a new season to a beloved anime, or an official spin-off.

After much debating for two nights and a few violent altercations, we have finally come up with seven returning anime series that fans should continue watching as they return for this new Fall 2015 season. These are RETURNING ANIME, so new anime like One Punch Man are not included in this list. Here are our picks:

Attack on Titan: Junior High


No, this is not then season 2 many want, but this is the lovable spin-off which will let you see the characters of Arrack on Titan in a new light, and gives a much lighter tone to the original series’ serious blood and gore tone. This hilarious spin-off which re-imagines the Attack on Titan characters as middle school students is certainly one anime any Attack on Titan fan should not miss.

Yuru Yuri San Hai!


We love Yuru Yuri, and this third TV anime series is definitely one to watch out for as it promises to bring more gags, laughs, some yuri shipping, and lots of moments where Akari gets forgotten. Yeah, we are really excited to see Kyouko, Yui, and Chinatsu return… Oh, and Akariiiiiiiiiiiiiin too! Almost forgot that she’s a main character.

Lupin III (2015)


Come on, it’s Lupin III, that’s reason enough!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans


The latest addition to the ever-growing Gundam franchise, Iron-Blooded Orphans will feature a Gundam which will evolve into a much stronger mobile suit as the series will go along, and be sure that fans and GunPla builders are looking forward to see how much this new series will be compared to the other classic Gundam anime. Will it go the way of critically acclaimed series like Zeta, Wing, and Turn A, or will it fail to reach expectations like AGE or G-Reco? Only time will tell.

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