Animation-wise, God Eater has become one of the best anime of the season, however, the series has been plagued with production problems which has led to a few episodes being delayed and not airing as scheduled, episode 1 for example. The anime’s first part will end on episode 9, which has just been aired in Japan, however, the anime’s continuation, will be aired this winter.


The announcement, which was made by the end of episode 9, revealed that the anime’s final four episodes, Episode 10: “Sange”, Episode 11: “Meteor Light”, Episode 12: “Dai-Ichi Butai”, and Episode 13: “Renge”, will be “coming this winter.”


The anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s bestselling giant monster-hunting video game series is animated by ufotable (Fate/ Zero), which has gained a lot of praise for the beautiful and fluid animation they have done for the series, however, it seems that ufotable’s high standards in animation has caused a lot of delays with a few episodes.


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Source: Hachimakikou


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