For eight years, Hatsune Miku has changed the landscape of the Japanese music scene, and even after all that time, the angelic virtual diva has shown no signs of slowing down at all! And last September 4, 2015, Miku kicked off her Magical Mirai concert with a bang as she rocked out one of Japan’s most prestigious arenas, the Budoukan!


The Magical Mirai 2015 concert was held from September 4 – 5, 2015, and fans who attended it were given not only a fantastic musical treat, but were also given some very stunning visuals as well, as expected of a Miku concert.


Miku, who celebrated her 8th birthday just a few days prior on August 31, electrified the crowd with a mix of music and visuals, and the songs include The World is Mine, Tell Your World, ODDS & ENDS, Hand in Hand, and many many more. Here are some images from her first day performance, which included guest prformances from KAITO and the Kagamine twins:

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