It is no secret that Hideo Kojima and his former employers, Konami, are currently at odds with one another, and it has gotten very ugly, with Konami not even showing Kojima’s name on the cover of Metal Gear Solid V. Even if Konami has made an emotional farewell video for Kojima, it seems that things have not yet cooled down between the two parties.

As Kojima’s name is not even mentioned in a game where his contributions are enormous, the video game legend recently set out on a campaign to add his name to the game in anyway he could. Kojima channeled Snake and did a guerrilla autograph signing in various video game shops all over Japan.


Together with Metal Gear artist, Yoji Shinkawa, Kojima signed everything Metal Gear Solid V-related, from posters to standees, and even an ad on the floor, nothing was spared as the gaming legend sought out to promote HIS game all over game stores in Japan.

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It looks like Konami does not even know he’s doing this, but then again, what Kojima is doing might benefit them as well, right? He even signed an official Metal Gear Solid V PlayStation 4 console together with his partner-in-crime, Shinkawa!

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That console has gotta be worth a lot by now, right? The duo also met a fan who was more than happy to see the legend in action as he imitated Snake and sneaked around signing stuff right under Konami’s nose.


Here’s a closer look at the duo’s handiwork:

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From right under the enemy’s nose… sounds like something Snake would pull off!

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Source: Kotaku


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