Japanese celebrity, Shoko Nakagawa, also known to her fans as Shokotan, is a singer, an actress, a voice actress, and an illustrator, and she has so many talents to show! She is also known for being a cosplayer, and her latest cosplays are from a series very close to her heart as she cosplays all five of the Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon.


She cosplayed Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and of course Sailor Moon. She has also tweeted these images of her in a beach while in cosplay as either Sailor Venus or Sailor Moon, who she cosplays while doing her “Moon Healing Escalation” pose.


But Shokotan is not just a fan of Sailor Moon, as she has been quite involved in the series herself! She performed a cover of Heart Moving on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE and she also voiced the cat, Diana, in Sailor Moon crystal.

Shoko Nakagawa is also known for being quite the anime fangirl as she is noted to be one huge Pokemon fanatic and really really really LOVES Free! She is also a fan of Love Live! and is one of the biggest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans out there. She has even cosplayed some characters from the bestselling manga!

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