Itashas, or Japanese anime-themed cars, are now a part of Japan’s anime subculture, and enthusiasts and owners also hold their own car shows and events in honor of their cars. One itasha inspired by the Love Live! School Movie has recently been turning heads in Japan and has captured the awe of many Love Livers who have personally seen it.


Itasha enthusiasts have been talking about this special Love Live! School Idol Movie itasha, which uses a Honda S660 sports car as its base. The image above was captured in Namba.


However, many were shocked when the local news featured an itasha getting into an accident by colliding with a small truck.

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The collision was so hard that the itasha’s side door, which features the three second year members, Kotori, Honoka, and Umi,, was sent flying away! Ouch!


Luckily, according to the reports, everyone on board both vehicles managed to escape with only minor injuries. However, this incident certainly ain’t the first time an itasha has been wrecked, other examples include one in China where a Madoka Magica Itasha gets in an accident of its own. So whether you drive a normal car or an itasha, safety first and always buckle up with your seat belts, and ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD.

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