The Tokyo Game Show kicked off with a bang yesterday, and one of the biggest announcements was that Capcom’s bestselling courtroom battle game series, Ace Attorney, will be having its very own anime adaptation, and yes, we have absolutely no OBJECTION!


According to the announcement, the game is slated for release on April 2016, which would mean half a year of waiting for a lot of fans, and half a year to build up steam for the Ace Attorney hype train!

2016 is also shaping up to be quite the year for Ace Attorney, as Capcom announced that they will be releasing Ace Attorney 6 on the same year as the anime. The game is also set to have a western release, and a playable demo is currently available to the attendees of the Tokyo Game Show. It will be available for the Nintendo 3DS.


Not even Phoenix Wright could OBJECT to that, right?

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