Moonies, show some more Moon Pride as the official Sailor Moon website has announced that Sailor Moon Crystal is receiving a third season, and it will now show us all 10 Sailor Senshis, with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn, finally joining the anime.


This third season of Sailor Moon Crystal will be adapting the Death Busters arc, which ran through the volumes 5 and 6 of Naoku Takeuchi’s classic shoujo manga series. More announcements about this third season will be made in the days to come.

As all ten Sailor Senshi are confirmed to appear in this new anime, who are you most excited about? Sailor Moon? Sailor Mercury? Sailor Mars? Sailor Jupiter? Sailor Venus? Sailor Chibi Moon? Sailor Pluto? Sailor Saturn? Sailor Neptune? Or Sailor Uranus?

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