After everything that has happened, with Konami taking his name out of Metal Gear Solid V and fans (and some video game retailers) reacting in kind, it is finally time for video game legend, Hideo Kojima to hang up his gloved for his glorious and historic run on the Metal Gear franchise. In a heartfelt farewell video called Debriefing | METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, Konami finally lets him say goodbye to the fans, who have helped him so much in his career.

I’m sorry, there’s just something in my eyes… Maybe there are some ninjas cutting onions near me…

The video features tributes from not only the people who Kojima has worked with for the franchise, but also with a few gaming industry insiders and writers. But when Kojima visits the family of a long-time Metal Gear fan who passed away because of cancer, one could not help but get emotional.

And in the end, it all leads to Kojima saying a very emotional farewell message.


No Mr. Kojima, THANK YOU, for everything.

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