Koei Tecmo has made a Samurai Warriors/ Sengoku Musuo-style video game for several franchises like The Heroic Legend of Arslan with Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, and The Legend of Zelda with Hyrule Warriors, and even a One Piece version! Heck, its sister-series, Dynasty Warriors, even has a GUNDAM version with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, and it seems like they are looking for the next franchise to give that Samurai Warriors treatment.

Arslanmusou-jpps4cover DWGR_Cover hyrule-warriors-review

The official website to the gaming magazine, Famitsu, is currently asking its readers which series or franchise deserves to have the Musuo treatment, and fans can vote for their choices through this link, though the website is in Japanese. The survey will only be held until October 20, 2015, and it also asks which Samurai Warriors/ Dynasty Warriors game from the past is their favorite, as well as which collaboration title is the one they think is the very best.

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Source: Famitsu


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