More often than not, whenever an anime or manga gets a Hollywood adaptation (or any live-action adaptation in fact), fans love to suggest which actors are fit for the role, and the recently-announced live-action Tiger and Bunny movie is definitely no exception as one fan, Twitter user worldescaper, suggested his own cast of actors for the movie, and it has now went viral in Japan.


Having a Japanese actor like Hiroyuki Sanada in the main role of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi actually makes sense, and Orlando Bloom to play Barnaby Brooks?! Not bad, but Sean Bean playing a Mexican character named Antonio Lopez (aka Rock Bison)?! He does not even die, and we all know what usually happens to the characters Sean Bean plays…

Some fans have also made their own renditions of what the characters should look like in the live-action version, this one features actor Tom Cruise as the hero, Keith Goodman, also known as Sky High.


While others did not take too well with Will Smith being Fire Emblem, because they are saying either Chris Tucker (remember him in The Fifth Element?!) or Dennis Rodman would fill the role quite well… though Will Smith does make things interesting.

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However, do remember that these are only fan suggestions as the roles for Hollywood’s live-action Tiger and Bunny movie have not even been cast yet, and even the director and screenwriter were yet to be announced. More details for the movie through this link

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