The official website for Japanese auto makers, Subaru, has revealed their collaboration with anime studio, Gainax, for a very special itasha collaboration, which turns one of their WRX S4 cars into an itasha inspored by the Gainax anime, Wish Upon the Pleiades.


Originally introduced during the Itasha G Festa in Odaiba event, the car has been crisscrossing Japan in various Houkago no Pleiades events to promote the TV anime.

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The official website also features a behind-the-scenes look at how the itasha was made:

detail wrapping

It has also been revealed that Subaru and Gainax will be selling this very car to one lucky individual, however, fans who want to own this itasha must register online and enter a lottery. The winner will be the one to get a chance to buy this official Subaru x Gainax itasha, which is priced at a whopping 5.5 million yen!

Entries must be submitted on or before October 20, 2015 through this link.

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