Dengeki Bunko, which publishes Reki Kawahara and abec’s bestselling light novel series, Sword Art Online, has recently conducted a character popularity poll for the series, with the Top 5 characters getting themselves featured in the cover of abec’s upcoming artbook.


However, the poll was not safe for internet trolls who voted for the minor character, Kibaou. This kind of trolling got Kibaou the #1 spot in the poll, however, Dengeki Bunko discovered this and quickly adjusted the partial results and did not count Kibaou’s troll votes. Poor guy, he can’t catch a break and now, his supporters are getting busted for voter fraud…


The voting for the characters is still ongoing and will be up until October 31, 2015. The partial results are refreshed every 10 minutes, and as of writing, Kibaou has fallen from first place tom 17th place, and the Top 5 are:

  • Asuna (SAO Knights of Blood ver.)
  • Kirito (SAO Black Swordsman ver.)
  • Sinon (GGO ver.)
  • Alice Schuberg
  • Yuuki (ALO ver.)

Voting can be done through this link and you can check out who is currently in the lead here (site is in Japanese).

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