Everyone has their own waifus or husbandos, and the lesbians living in Japan are certainly no different. The Japanese lesbian lifestyle website, Gachirezu, recently asked its female readers who like other females about their opinions on anime characters, and asked them which 2D character do they want as their girlfriend/ lover. So who did they pick exactly? Here are the Top 5:

5 – Fujiko Mine (Lupin III)


One respondent wrote that she is both mysterious and irresistible while another added that from the viewpoint of another woman, she has amazing sex appeal.

4 – Mitsuki Kanzaki (Recently, My Sister Is Unusual)


For Mitsuki, one respondent wrote that she just finds her tsundere nature irresistible, while another has said that her “sensitivity is good”, this of course pertains to her very sexually “yuri” run-ins with the spirit haunting her, Hiyori.

3 – Ai Haibara (Detective Conan)


Aside from the usual tsundere and gap moe reasons, many lesbian anime fans find her cool and charming. One respondent added that she wants Ai to scold her if she had done something mischievous.

2 – Haruka Tenou/ Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)


This one comes to absolutely no surprise at all as she has been one of the local Japanese lesbian community’s poster girls. She’s the “butch”, and many find her very attractive.


Because many lesbians can actually relate with her, she makes it high up on the list, however, that wasn’t enough to take #1…

1 – Eli Ayase (Love Live!)


The cool half-Russian beauty from Love Live! managed to pull an upset over Sailor Uranus. Many lesbians find her cute, and one even commented that she wants Eli to be “her idol”.

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