We may be getting a new Metal Gear Solid, however, it seems that it would be along the lines of what fans have been thinking all along, a pachinko slot machine, and it has something to do with Big Boss himself.


KPE, Konami’s pachinko machine-manufacturing wing, has filed a new trade mark for “Big Boss”, who Metal Gear fans know as one of the Metal Gear Solid series’greatest villains, in the Japan Patent Office. The newly-filed trademark not only includes slot machines and Pachinko machines, but it also covers video games, board games, smartphone games, and medal games. The trademark was also filed for card games, chess games, Shogi, dice games, toys, pachinko accessories, and more.


So does this mean that we may also be getting new Metal Gear games from Konami in the future? There is a chance, however, since this is KPE that filed for the trademark… and that a fact that a certain Hideo Kojima will be leaving Konami soon, one should not get his/ her hopes up that much. However, a UK community manager from Konami did say that the series can continue without Kojima.

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Source: Kotaku


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