With collaborations with the legendary rock band, KISS, and various hit singles and albums, Momoiro Clover Z is one of the hottest idol groups in Japan that is not part of the AKB48 family. The idol group is currently headed to Dazaifu in Fukuoka prefecture to perform a concert, however, many fans were left disappointed because this concert would only be “Men Only”.


The concert is actually part of the Kyushu National Museum’s 10th anniversary celebrations, and was put forward by the  the head priest of Tenmangu Shrine, who had a common acquaintance with the popular idol group. When the deal was being made to land a concert in Dazaifu last July, things were going smoothly, however, by August, it was revealed that the group has intended to do a male-only show in the town. The head priest actually asked the group’s representatives to reconsider, however, the group seems to be determined to perform only for guys.

Momoiro Clover Z, or MomoClo, actually has legions of male fans, however, they also have a large female following as well, as they have been known to perform songs for female-oriented shows like Sailor Moon Crystal. The female fans in Dazaifu felt disappointed with the idol group as they have really been looking forward to the performance in their own home town.

Now, shows or events which are male-only or female-only have been quite common in Japan, with voice actors like Kana Hanazawa and Ayana Taketatsu, as well as musicians like Masaharu Fukuya are doing female-only concerts or events, however, these artistes often follow them up with performances which allow both men and women to attend. It is particularly disappointing for the fans in Dazaifu, who mostly aren’t the first city of choice as destinations for big acts like MomoClo.

A local women’s group has made complaints about the concert as huge acts like these rarely visit the city, and only men are allowed to see them. So far, it is unclear if this decision will be reversed or if MomoClo will hold a separate female-only concert or one which allows both genders.

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Source: Rocket News 24.


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