Japanese fashion brand, Peach John, has already wowed everyone with their official Sailor Moon lingerie, and now, they are teaming up with Neon Genesis Evangelion to celebrate the classic anime’s 20th anniversary, and they have revealed new underwear and sleepwear inspired by Hideaki Anno’s mecha classic.


The Evangelion a lacy bustier-style bra and panties set are inspired by the characters of the anime, with white and blue representing Rei, blue representing Shinji, red representing Asuka, pink representing Mari, and purple representing Kaworu. Each set has a price tag of 6,980 yen.


Another set also costs 5,980 yen and comes in three colors, however, these ones feature the design of the Spear of Longinus.


While another set of women’s underwear features an AT Field design, however, they are a little cheaper than the lace underwear above as they cost 4,980 yen.


Peach John is also offering up Eva-inspired lazy dresses which cost 6.980 yen.

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As well as a “doll set” nightie inspired by the school uniform Rei and Asuka usually wear. This also costs 6.980 yen.


Ginally, the anime’s mascot, Pen-Pen, has inspired some cute little animal pajamas , and this Pen Pen-kigurumi costs 7,980 yen.

pen2a pen2b

Pre-order period for these Evangelion lingerie will be from October 5 – 13, 2015, and all items are expected to be released on January 2016.

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