It’s official, the long-awaited Evangelion Shinkansen train is now operational and ready to transport passengers from  Shin-Osaka station to Hakata Station. Images of the train , including the interior, have now been released, and we can now take a look at the special collaboration between Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and the Sanyou Shinkansen, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

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A life-size replica of the Evangelion cockpit can also be found inside the train.

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The same train car containing the Eva cockpit meanwhile also features an exhibition which has several dioramas and a life-size standee of Rei Ayanami.


And it really does seem that everything in the train is Evangelion-themed, even the floor, the passenger seats, and even the bathroom!

Known as the “500 Type Eva Project”, the collaboration features the Kodama 730 issue trains leaving Hakata Station at 6:36, and the the Kodama 741 trains leaving Shin Osaka Station at 11:32, to sport a design based on Shinji Ikari’s Eva-01. The trains themselves were supervised by none other than Evangelion’s legendary director and mecha designer, Hideaki Anno and Ikuto Yamashita respectively.

The 500 Type Eva Project is scheduled toend service by March 2017. Special memorabilia, as well as a variety of events and other projects are expected to be part of this collaboration.

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 source: Inside Games


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