As kids, many of us grew up with amazing anime like Digimon Adventure 01, Zoids, Slam Dunk, and Dragon Ball Z, and more often than not, we would wish to have our kids enjoy these works as well. However, when Charapedia asked anime fans for their opinion on which anime they want their kids to watch, it yielded a few surprises.

With the usual 10,000 anime fans voting, 54.1% of whom identified themselves as male and 45.9% are female, here are Charapedia’s Top 20:

20) Madoka Magica

19) Pokemon

18) Little Busters!

17) A Certain magical Index

16) Love Live!

15) Natsume’s Book of Friends

14) Digimon Adventure 01

13) Slam Dunk

12) Angel Beats!

11) K-On!

10) Kuroko’s Basketball


9) Haikyuu!!


8) Your Lie in April


7) Sword Art Online


6) Doraemon


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