This week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine has revealed new details on the recently-announced SAO game, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, and it looks like its headed from the fairy world of Alfheim Online, to a completely new world which seems like the deadly world of Aincrad.


Bandai Namco producer, Yosuke Futami, and Aquria producer, Satoshi Harayae sat down with the magazine and explained a few details. They revealed that this new game will be going into a new world which “seems like Aincrad:, but is a completely different worlf, as opposed to the previous game, Lost Song, which was based on the Alfheim Online game. They revealed that the game will feel like the early days of Sword Art Online where Kirito starts out at level 1, however, as the game progresses, something feels off and Kirito realizes that he is not in Aincrad.

The two also revealed that one of the keys to the game is using your skills as a player, and at the same time, managing your party. The game will be much like the second game, Hollow Fragment, however, unlike that game, players can bring up to three party members. In other words, the game is all about teamwork. It was also revealed that there will be no auto-attack in the game, and players can jump. They are also now planning a multiplayer version, and also revealed that the PS Vita release will be making full use of the console’s touch screen function.


They also revealed new details on the game’s newest heroine, who turns out to be an AI who is getting developed as she continues her adventures with Kirito and company. It was also revealed that she is 14 years old.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is scheduled for release sometime in 2016 for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. More details will be announced in the days ahead.

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source: Hachimakikou and Dengeki Online


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