When it comes to dedicated fans, Girls und Panzer has some of them, as many fans regularly make pilgrimages to the areas which where featured in the anime, particularly in the small fishing town of Oarai. With the Girls und Panzer der Film movie already making its premiere, new real-world locations have been revealed in the film, and as expected, fans were visiting them.


However, one such location was not all too happy about them. Most of the locations featured in Girls und Panzer are public locations, however, one location, a golf course known as the Oarai Golf Club, is a private location, which means that not everyone is allowed to enter. However, that did not stop some fans from visiting the location, which prompted the anime’s official twitter page to post this:

The tweet warned fans to observe and respect the rules and regulations of the golf course and not visit the locations featured in the film without permission. The tweet discourages fans from going too wild in golf courses, such as being a bother to players, but also encourages fans to visit the golf course as patrons. The twitter page also announces that the golf course is now working on a tour for fans of the anime.

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