After being hit by online trolls, a do-over of the partial results, and much voting, the results are in for the official Sword Art Online poll by Dengeki Bunko, and the winner of the poll is someone many fans expect. However, it seems that a certain somebody makes it to the Top 10, and that certain somebody had something to do with the internet trolls.

Here are the poll’s Top 10, as voted by 68,993 people:

10) Silica (ALO – Cait Sith ver.)

9) Asuna (Alincization ver.)

8) Kibaou


7) Yui (SAO ver.)

6) Alice Synthesis Thirty

5) Eugeo


4) Kirito (SAO)


3) Sinon (GGO)


2) Yuuki (ALO)


1) Asuna (SAO – Knights of Blood)

Setsuna_using_T ketsu

Online trolls initially took over the poll, giving minor character, Kibaou, the number 1 spot. Dengeki Bunko, which organized the poll, was forced to have a do-over of the results, however, as the results have shown, it really does seem that Kibaou is that popular. Your move Reki Kawahara!

The poll’s Top 5 will be featured in the cover of upcoming artbook by SAO light novel illustrator, abec. If the results were not changed, or he placed at least just three places higher, Kibaou would have been featured in the cover. The internet might have also exploded if he got #1 instead of Asuna.

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